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Wonderful Things To See In Portugal

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat and stay at in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Portugal

Portugal’s power and wealth is, unfortunately, long gone, but it’s glory can still be seen in many historic sites and places of interest throughout the country. As for the capital, the city of thousands of tiny ancient alleyways, glorious monuments, the incredible fado and clubbing scene, Lisbon is definitely a number one place to see.


Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon, a maze of vertiginous stairways, tiny hidden churches and charming cafes, with ominous, trademark trams rattling along.

Braga and its famous baroque churches

For those interested in the art history, especially the Baroque period, Braga is simply a must. This charming little city also has a glorious cathedral and some Roman ruins as well. Braga boasts the country’s most famous Holy Week festival, popular among tourists and locals alike.

Cabo de São Vicente

The Cape of St. Vincent is the southwesternmost point in Europe, which is impressive enough, but add some of the most dramatic, impressive cliff-top views and you have yourself another must-see place in Portugal.

Côa Valley Archaeological Park

This site, protected by UNESCO, was nearly destroyed during a reckless infrastructure project for a dam. The park hosts one of the most amazing collections of the Upper Paleolithic rock carvings in Europe.

Douro Valley

Another UNESCO World Heritage site, and a treat for all true wine-lovers. The river itself is just gorgeous, especially if seen from one of the cruise ships.


This place is ideal for architecture aficionados but also for those who like their tourist visits a bit dark and creepy. The town itself is long gone but some of its parts are preserved in a walled-out museum-like center and plazas.


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