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Why You Should Never Take A Swim In The Blue Lagoon Of Buxton


Did you know that there is a hidden Blue Lagoon in the middle of United Kingdom? Not many tourists know about it, and the locals who do, don’t really prefer it as a hotspot and for very good reason.

Buxton, a small spa town, near which you can find the Blue Lagoon, was often quite crowded with tourists because of the hidden gem where they flocked to catch a swim. The problem is, the Blue Lagoon is not in fact a lagoon, but rather an abandoned old quarry. Since there was a large hole in the center of the quarry, it was naturally filled with water, thanks to large amounts of rain in these parts.

The water that accumulated there is an amazing shade of blue that looks like a hidden pocket of the Mediterranean Sea in the middle of England. Not long after the lagoon filled up with water, the Blue Lagoon was discovered by tourists, and the problems began.

Even though the water looks crystal clear, it is anything but that. Ph levels in the water are virtually equal to those of ammonia and bleach. There are signs all over the infamous Blue Lagoon saying that tourists should not swim in these waters, as they are highly alkaline, and can provoke all kinds of health issues including skin and eye irritations, fungal infections, and cancer.

Nobody can be certain what made the tourists completely neglect the signs, but they had no problem with jumping into the water and swimming around like there is no tomorrow. You can see numerous videos and pictures of people having an amazing time in the Blue Lagoon, and apparently nobody got harmed.

What’s more, the lagoon’s problem isn’t just the high Ph levels of water (normal water Ph is 7, in the Blue Lagoon is 11.3), but the bottom of the lagoon is filled with all kinds of waste, from car wrecks to excrement. Still, nobody paid any particular attention to this warning either, so the citizens of Buxton decided to take more extreme measures.

They dyed the water black, so that nothing of that beautiful sensation that you are on a beach was left. The quarry looked like it was some kind of gateway to hell, which naturally stopped tourists from coming here, and instead they started taking advantage of the beautiful Buxton town.

However, all of the black dye has been washed away, so the quarry again looks like the Blue Lagoon yet again. Don’t be fooled, though, there is nothing wonderful about those waters, and if somebody invites you for a dip there, just politely refuse, your skin will be most grateful.

100 Wonders: The Blue Lagoon of BuxtonThe Blue Lagoon of Buxton looks like a great place to go swimming… but you might want to read the signs first.

Posted by Atlas Obscura on Thursday, May 26, 2016

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