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When Will The Travel Industry Start Catering To Single Parents?


When you consider that one third of all children in the United States grow up in a family with a single parent, it becomes almost unreal that the tourism industry cannot figure out that single parents might just be their biggest “new” market yet. This is especially baffling when you realize that some very particular and rather obscure demographics are targeted regularly, and they are nowhere near as big or potentially lucrative as the single parent market.

One of the reasons why the tourism industry is having a hard time understanding and catering to this market is the statistic which shows that around 50 percent of single-parent families are under the poverty line, meaning that they are not the most lucrative market.

However, the other half is still a huge market which is growing both in number and in wealth with every year that passes. For instance, 30 percent of single moms are college educated, meaning that they are looking for ways to spend their hard-earned money and willing to travel abroad, taking their children with them.

And it is not like single parents are looking for God-knows-what as travelers. They simply wish to be acknowledged as a demographic and offered some options that might be aimed at the single tourist traveling with children.

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