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What The Future Of Travel Holds?


Lonely Planet has consulted with experts to reveal how we will be travelling in the future, and also compiled their predictions travel in conjunction with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The concept of travel as a rare treat is disappearing and being replaced by travel as a lifestyle choice, the travel company says.

In the future, travel addicts will take advantage of faster and cheaper flights, travelling all over the globe freely, attending a wealth of international festivals, such as the Rio carnival and music festivals such as Exit in Serbia.

They will increasingly use Google Streetview to see exactly what a resort or destination looks like, while airports will offer passengers spas, art galleries and green areas.

Technology is set to play a significant role, with more airlines offering paperless travel and integrated smartphones simplifying the planning of trips.


  1. Travel will be a part of life, rather than a rare treat
  2. With flights faster and cheaper, travellers will take advantage of a global calendar of events
  3. Increased competition on travel routes will encourage airlines to improve experience for economy fliers
  4. The success of airport spas, art galleries will bring bigger leisure activities within the airport experience
  5. Green travel will hit the big time
  6. As more airlines offer paperless travel, a smartphone will be the key to planning travel
  7. True escapes will be highly valued, and remote hotels will make a feature of their lack of internet and phone signal
  8. Return to local knowledge – Travellers will rely more on face-to-face recommendations
  9. Travellers can plan their travels from the comfort of their laptop, exploring on Google Streetview before seeing it for real

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