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Ways To Spend The Night In Roatan

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This week we visit: Honduras


We thought long and hard before doing this nightlife in Honduras article – do we make it about the whole country, its capital Tegucigalpa or one of the other bigger cities? Then, we decided to make it about nightlife in Roatan, the most popular and gorgeous island in Honduras. Simply because it is the most popular and gorgeous island in Honduras.

For most people, a classic Roatan night out will begin with a few drinks watching the sunset, which is always a treat in Roatan. Arguably the most popular place for these sunset drinks is the Sundowner’s Beach Bar, often considered one of the greatest beach bars on the planet.

The next stop is usually Purple Turtle, a true Roatan nightlife staple where you can often enjoy live music and where the party is always lively. Around midnight, however, it is closing time at the Purple Turtle and it is time to move on.

By the time you mosey over to the Nova Bar, the party will be at full swing and you only need to join in. It is always packed with tourists and locals alike and there is no way you could ever be bored there. Another great place to head out to at this point is FuBar, a place where things get even wilder. If you are still not partied out, you can check out the Club Hip Hop where the party doesn’t stop until the sun comes out.

If you are looking for a less insane night out in Roatan, there are a few other places that you can check out, such as the Cool Beans Coffee House, La Sirena or the Booty Bar, famous for its Caribbean pirate theme.

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