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Vietnamese Dishes You Just Have To Try During Your Visit

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat, and stay at, in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Vietnam


Vietnamese cuisine is one of the richest in the world and also ridiculously delicious. There are simply too many Vietnamese dishes that you need to learn about and we have chosen only a few true classics that you simply must try when in Vietnam.

Pho Bo is one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes and for a good reason – it is just too delicious. It is a broth made from beef base (usually oxtail), ginger, fish sauce, cloves, cinnamon and radish. Depending on where you eat it and how, you will also find fresh vegetables and herbs, chiles, pieces of beef and noodles in your Pho Bo.

Until you’ve had Vietnamese summer rolls, you haven’t had Asian-styled rolls, period. They are so soft and airy, usually containing shrimp, basil and mint. The pastry is so light you will fall in love with these rolls.

The Vietnamese beef-noodle bowl is another dish that you simply have to try when visiting this gorgeous country. It is dominated by star anise and cinnamon flavors but it has so many layers that you will need time to wrap your mind around it all.

If you are looking for another feast of tastes and aromas, then you must try the Bun Tom Nuong Xa also. It is a dish that combines grilled shrimp, lettuce, vermicelli, fresh mint, crisp veggies and peanuts and which ends up being even better than the sum of its parts.

Vietnamese also know their pork and their cold soba noodles with pork is a dish that proves it. The meat is marinated in fish sauce, green onions, tamari, brown sugar and sesame oil and then cooked in a pan. It is usually served over bell peppers, napa cabbage and soba noodles.

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