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Traveling To Greece? Get Your Facts Straight


Greece seems to be spiraling out of control with debt that they can never hope to repay without help from the EU and with the Greek people’s unwillingness to play by the EU’s rules. People are worried, banks have no money and everything seems to be getting out of control. But what does this mean for tourists planning on visiting the Mediterranean paradise that is Greece? Are there problems the average tourist should be worried about?

In short, no. For the average tourist, travelling to Greece today is the same as it was last year or 10 years ago. Everything works, you can buy gas, there is no shortage of food, drinks or anything else. In fact, thanks to the fact that the Euro is getting weaker against the dollar, you are now getting more for your buck if you are an American citizen.

One thing that you need to be careful about is the fact that ATMs tend to be quite empty in Greece these days. Foreign citizens are not limited in how much money they can withdraw, but many people report that ATMs are simply empty. On top of this, many businesses do not accept credit cards at the moment, meaning that you should always bring enough cash when coming to Greece. Also, it would be a good idea to bring smaller notes – 5, 10 or 20 Euro ones.

Other than the problems with ATMs and some businesses not accepting credit cards, everything is perfectly fine in Greece. In fact, the crisis is barely felt in parts of the country where tourism is the main source of income.

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