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Travel Trends We’re Looking Forward To In 2016


Technology is advancing so rapidly these days that no two years are alike. We have already talked about all the things that marked travel in 2015 and today, we will be looking to the future. More precisely, we will be looking at all the travel trends that just might make 2016 the most exciting year for travel yet.

One of the most exciting new trends might end up being virtual reality. If you think about it, virtual reality is the perfect way to introduce someone to a part of the experience they will end up having if they visit a certain destination. Some travel companies are already dabbling in travel VR and the way things stand, it is only a matter of time before other major (and minor) players start getting involved.

Another tech travel trend for the 2016 might be the decrease in human interaction. In fact, this might actually be the one to really come true. Customer service is leaning more and more to taking the humans out of the equation, like for instance Hotel Tonight with their Aces chat system or various hotels who allow you to order room service via text.

The next trend that some people are predicting for the year 2016 is more wishful thinking on their part than anything else, but hey, why not be optimistic? The trend we are talking about is free Wi-Fi. This is something the masses are craving and those who actually start introducing it might actually become the most loved people in the world. You could be the most hated airline in the world and you would still be loved by thousands for your free Wi-Fi.

There is a 2016 trend that is already a reality and that is the increase in solo traveling, as there is now double the amount of bookings for solo cruises than there was a year ago. Simply put, people are expected to travel solo even more in 2016, building on what was happening in 2015.

The next 2016 travel trend that has already started happening is the increase in overhead space on planes. Namely, Boeing has started adding “Space Bins” on their 737 planes, increasing the overhead space by 50 percent. United Airlines, Delta and Alaska Airlines are just some of the carriers that have already adopted them. Let’s hope the others do as well.

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