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Travel Luxuriously From Tahiti To Easter Island

Expedition cruise line Lindblad presents a new Tahiti to Easter Island itinerary that features stops at some of the Pacific’s most remote islands.

The adventure-travel pioneer offers a single sailing of the 19-day itinerary on November 3, 2015 aboard the 102-passenger National Geographic Orion, which just joined the Lindblad fleet in 2014.

The trip starts in Tahiti and includes several days exploring the Tuamotu Archipelago, home to Fakarava, one of the largest atolls in French Polynesia, and part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You will have a chance to walk the island’s pristine beaches, snorkel the protected reefs and drift dive, and also will learn about the pearl industry.

Passengers also will get a chance to explore one of the Tuamotu Archipelago’s uninhabited atolls, Tahanea, and visit the island of Pukarua.

From the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Orion continues eastward to the Gambier Islands for a stop at black pearl-producing Mangareva, before reaching the Pitcain Islands. About 50 of their descendants still live there today.

Other stops will include the virtually untouched Henderson Island, where passengers can hike and explore the flora, fauna and geology. The trip ends with a two-night stay at Easter Island, home to the famed moai statues of a long-lost culture.

Fares for the sailing begin at $17,390.

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