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Travel Industry Heavyweights Share Their Favorite Destinations For 2016


Around Christmas time, most travel industry players share their favorite destinations for the upcoming year and this year is no different. A few of the biggest names in the travel industry decided to share their favorite destinations for the upcoming 2016 and while some of them are just what you’d expect, some had a few surprising and interesting choices, to say the least.

For example, the largest travel agency company in the United States, Travel Leaders Group was very, very predictable, at least when it came to U.S. destinations. Their favorite destinations in the U.S. included Orlando, Maui, New York City, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami. As far as international destinations are concerned, they recommended Dominican Republic, Caribbean Cruises, Italy, Jamaica and various destinations in Mexico.

Travel + Leisure offered a long list of destinations they recommend and these are some of the highlights: Aarhus, Denmark; Andaman Islands, India; Asbury Park, New Jersey; Bozeman, Montana; Douro Valley, Portugal; Galapagos Islands; Hangzhou, China; Ibera Wetlands, Argentina; Lanai, Hawaii; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Placencia, Belize; San Antonio, Texas; Siberia; Sicily; Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Fodor’s recommended a few interesting American destinations, such as Utah; North Loop, Minneapolis; Maine and Philadelphia. For international travel, they recommended San Sebastian, Spain; Bavaria, Germany; Faroe Islands, Denmark; Fez, Morocco and Adelaide, Australia among others.


New Zealand

The popular website Frommer’s also shared their favorite destination picks for 2016 which included Mendocino County in California; Charlottesville, Virginia and U.S. national parks. Internationally, they recommended Australia; Cape Floral Region in South Africa; South Island in New Zealand; Zamora in Spain; Bogota in Colombia; Mongolia and Wroclaw, Poland among other destinations.

Lonely Planet was more organized with their recommendations. They first recommended top 10 countries: Latvia, Australia, Japan, Botswana, Palau, Uruguay, Poland, Fiji and Greenland. Their Top 10 regions were: West Iceland; Transylvania, Romania; Valle de Vinales, Cuba; Waiheke Island, New Zealand; Friouli’s wine regions, Italy; Bavaria, Germany; Auvergne, France; Hawaii; Costa Verde, Brazil and St. Helena.

They also shared their best cities in the world: Quito, Ecuador; Kotor, Montenegro; George Town, Malaysia; Dublin, Ireland; Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Freemantle, Australia; Mumbai, India; Manchester, England; Rome and Nashville, Tennessee. They even shared their top 10 best value destinations: Estponia, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam; New Mexico; Galicia, Spain; Bosna-Herzegovina; East Africa; Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast; Quebec City, Canada; Western Australia and Timor-Lesre, or East Timor as you might also know it.

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