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Traditional Uzbek Dishes That Will Make Your Palate Sing

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat and stay at in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan has always been somewhere between West and East, a constant spot on the Silk Road between Europe and China and its cuisine has been influenced by everyone who has passed through the country, which is pretty much everyone. The following Uzbek dishes will make your mouth water at the very mention of them in the future.

Chuchvara soup is an Uzbek soup which has small dumplings in it, as well as peppers, onion, black pepper, tomato paste, sour cream, all boiled in salt water or bouillon. Another Uzbek soup is the Lagman, which is a meat broth filled with handspun noodles, pieces of lamb and vegetables.

Plov is perhaps the most famous Uzbek traditional dish and it is made from rice, bits of various meat, grated onions and carrots, as well as raisins. It always features a clove of roasted garlic put on the top. It is often made when there are lots of mouths to feed.

Tashkent salad is a very delicious salad which is made from beef tongue that is broiled, radishes, fresh greens which are all coated richly in a specific yogurt dressing. It is then sprinkled with crispy onions.

Shaslik (sometimes also called kebab) is the dish that you will encounter in this part of the world in pretty much every country. For Uzbeks, the shashlik is made from chicken or lamb, or a special mix of mutton and spices known as lyulya. These are grilled and served on steel skewers. Raw onion is eaten with the meat and Uzbeks often serve it with Adjika, a very, very spicy sauce which is made from hot red peppers.

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