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Traditional Dishes To Try While In Honduras

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This week we visit: Honduras

One of the best things about traveling to Honduras is definitely the food. It is inexpensive, it is incredibly tasty and there are so many traditional dishes to try and enjoy. Today, we will be talking about some of the most popular Honduran dishes that you simply have to have while visiting this amazing country.

Sopa the caracol is easily one of the most traditional and beloved meals in the Honduran cuisine. It is a soup made from conch which is cooked in coconut milk and its own broth which also contains spices, cilantro, yucca and green bananas. Sometimes the soup is made with fish, shrimp and crab. While we’re on the subject of soups, we should also mention Sopa de Frijoles, a hearty soup made from red beans, bell peppers, pork rib, onions, yucca, green plantains and coriander.

Carneada, as its name would suggest, is pure meat bonanza and it often denotes an entire social event based on the dish. The dish involves plenty of meat that has been marinated in orange juice, spices and salt and pepper before being grilled. The meat is accompanied by roasted sweet plantains, olanchano cheese, spicy chorizos and the chismol salsa.

Baleada is the staple dish in Honduras, often sold on the street and beloved across the country. The dish is a flour tortilla filled with sour cream, beans and cheese as a basis. Other ingredients can be added, such as meat, plantains or scrambled eggs. There are many other dishes revolving around tortillas, such as tacos fritos, catrachitas and chilaquiles. You won’t go wrong with any of them.

Fish is also quite popular in Honduras, especially in the Caribbean part of the country where people feast on shrimp, lobster and delicious fish. One such dish is the fried yojoa fish. This meal is famous around the country and it features a specific type of fish found in the Yojoa Lake. The preparation involves spicing and salting the fish before deep frying it. It is then served with traditional Honduran side dishes.

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