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Tourism In Mexico Flourishes In 2014


The total number of tourists in Mexico hit a record high last year, with more than 14 million foreigners, which is almost 20 percent higher compared with 2013, the Tourism Department said.

The rise in the number of visitors, especially Americans, comes after several years of stagnation in the travel sector because due to a slow global economic revival, and fears of cartel attacks.

The number first dropped in 2009, when cartel killings rocketed and an H1N1 flu scare took over the country. Tourists then continued to arrive in fewer numbers from 2010 to 2012, as mass deaths and gang massacres ruined Mexico’s respectable name.

The return of visitors also follows an ad campaign, including images of Mexico’s crystalline waters, beautiful curving coastlines, and Aztec pyramids behind relaxing music and their somewhat cliché slogan, “Live it to believe it.”

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