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Toronto Is Getting A Poop Dessert Café In August

Yes, poop desserts ARE coming to Canada and, honestly, we are just not entirely sure how to react to the whole thing.

Koreatown in Toronto will get a new fascinating café this month that will definitely spark interest among tourists and locals alike. Poop Café Dessert Bar will soon open its door to everyone interested in tasting sweets in the shape of human stool, served in dishes in the shape of a toilet, because, why not.

A young entrepreneur from Taiwan, Lien Nguyen, decided to bring the poop-shaped-dessert craze to Canada. Nguyen, who is a recent culinary management graduate, stumbled upon this peculiar idea while staying with her mom in Taiwan. That was the first time she visited a toilet-themed restaurant, and she was absolutely thrilled. This trend of eating poo shaped sweets is apparently a huge hit in Asia, so Nguyen is hoping to expand this innovative (though slightly awkward) idea to another continent.

When asked why she chose to open this kind of restaurant, Nguyen said that it’s a challenge to combine these two irreconcilable notions in one place and that she’s trying to “make poop look cute.” Needless to say that many have a hard time accepting the concept of poop being cute, but that doesn’t discourage this young woman.

When it comes to the café’s menu, everything will be brown and shaped like poo, but it will taste a lot better. Nguyen is planning on making her toilet café a shrine for traditional Asian desserts with a poo twist. She hopes that she will attract a crowd from the whole city, not just the Asian population. The menu will also change seasonally, depending on the customer feedback and preferences. In other words, you will be able to choose what kind of poop you would like to eat from your toilet dish.

Bringing poop-like desserts to Toronto is certainly a courageous move, but the topic of bowel movement is very differently looked upon in Western culture. Poop and anything connected to it is still considered a taboo, something that is embarrassing to talk about, especially when eating. Combining stool with dessert is controversial and possibly gut-wrenching, which is why Nguyen will have to tread carefully not to scare off more delicate customers. Then again, going to a café to try a poop shaped dessert does sound like an intriguing way to spend your afternoon.

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