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Top Travel Predictions For The Year 2030


Before you start commenting on how these predictions are stupid or just unrealistic, keep in mind that these are not experts talking; these are your average Americans aged 18-67 asked by the people from Marriot Rewards and Chase. Of course, some of these will sound silly or plain outrageous to you, but they give us a very interesting insight into what people would like to see happen to travel in the next 15 years.

For example, 35 percent of the people asked hold a strong belief that space travel will become an everyday thing. While there are “space tourists” even today, these are mostly insanely rich people with millions of dollars to blow. Perhaps by 2030, “mere mortals” will be able to afford it? In addition to this, 24 percent of people believe that flying cars will be realized by 2030, which also happens to be something that people have been predicting for at least 100 years now.

There are some predictions that definitely seem more doable, such as digital passports and face recognition software that will be used in lieu of passports. More than half of the people asked see this happening by 2030.

There is also a large number of people (40 percent) who believe that underwater hotels will become a thing over the next 15 years, which is definitely something we wouldn’t mind seeing. Finally, more than seventy percent of the people asked believe that eco travel destinations will be the preferred choice in the next 15 years. That makes us feel pretty optimistic about the future.

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