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Top 5 Travel Scams You Need To Know About


There is nothing that can ruin your travels like being scammed out of your money that you worked so hard to bring with you. Unfortunately, the scammers know that tourists and travelers are easy targets and there are quite a few schemes that have been devised to scam those two groups out of their money.

We are revealing the 5 most common such schemes and letting you know what to keep an eye on.

1. Fake Wake Up Calls

One of the most popular and common travel scams is the fake wake up call. Someone calls you up in your room claiming that they are from the front desk, asking for your credit card details. There is something wrong with the computer is the usual line. You, all groggy and sleepy give them your details and by the time you wake up, your money is gone.

2. Fake Take Out Menus

Sometimes when you are just settling in your room, someone might slip a take-out menu under your door. You call them up, order something from the menu and once again leave your details. We do not have to spell to you where it goes from here. First check out local restaurants and talk to someone from the hotel.

3. Fake Gemstones

This is a scam that is characteristic of certain areas of the world, such as India and Southeast Asia. A scammer finds a target and sells them “cheap gemstones” that later turn out to be absolutely worthless. You are tempted by the low price and the appearance of the stones. Avoid anything that looks too good to be true. It most probably is.

4. Slow Change Count

This is a “minor” scam that often happens in Europe but which can happen anywhere. It entails the seller (of any kind) counting the change that they are supposed to give you very, very, very, excruciatingly slow. You decide that you had enough, you grab what they have in front of them telling them it’s okay and you end up with less than half what you were supposed to get back.

5. Corrupt Police Scams

There are quite a few countries in the world where the police are corrupt by rule, not exception. In such countries, it is not unheard of for policemen to literally make up a laws and infractions of such laws, only to squeeze out a few bucks or a bit more in order to “let you off”.

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