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Top 5 Music Festivals Worth Traveling For

2. Outlook Festival

Another Croatia-based event, Outlook Festival is arguably the biggest bass sound-system and music cultural festival within Europe, and it features a variety of artists contained within the “big hitter’s” league. Outlook Festival is home to cutting-edge dance scenes and a uniquely-vibrant atmosphere.

Housing an expansive and eclectic range of expert performers, Outlook Festival routinely explores the roots of modern bass music — drawing a line to its Jamaican roots while exploring the genre’s nooks and crannies. Outlook Festival is widely-acclaimed as one of Europe’s most original and expansive festivals, but, as coined by EuFest website, “Outlook is still about much more than the line-up.”

The festival is held yearly within an abandoned Fort encompassed by azure waters and sprawling forests. Outlook Festival’s unrivaled location increases its music’s drama, and visitors will likely experience several awe-inspiring scenes unfold throughout the festival.

With forty boat parties and twelve stages, Outlook Festival contains a variety of festivities for visitors — both on and off the shore. While the festival explodes during nighttime hours, daylight hours are commonly utilized by festival-goers’ shenanigans. When a location allows swimming, cocktail-sipping, beach meandering and sand sports, what more could be requested?

Outlook festival is reaching its Fifth year, as pointed out by Kmag website, and the festival has burrowed a deep hole within many hearts. Outlook Festival is quickly gathering momentum, however, and it’s becoming critically acclaimed across the globe.

Anyone witnessing Outlook Festival’s previous performances can attest to the great vibes, and, again, its wicked music is far from its chief feature. Outlook Festival’s setting is simply stunning, and it harnesses fantastic music to blow off some socks.

This year’s Outlook Festival features Ant TC1, Bione, Aries, Calibre,Boddika, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Girl Unit, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Jacky Murda, Icicle, Octane & DLR, Mungo’s Hifi, Pangaea, Serum, Phaeleh, T Williams, Soom T, Youngsta and The Bug.

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