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Top 5 Music Festivals Worth Traveling For

Foreign music festivals are riveting, and die-hard music-lovers can experience top-notch and mind-blowing music when accessed away from home.

More European and North American music festivals are appearing, and varieties of prime-cut setups have gathered to deliver spectacular displays for audiences traveling abroad.

Several festivals push extreme boundaries — and others are redefining the music industry by creating their own. Music festivals are a great source of entertainment over summer holidays, and the following five take a particularly exciting approach to the typical music festival setup while providing virtually limitless options for fans across the globe.

1. Dimensions Festival

Dimensions is featured within the mysterious and legendary Fort Punta Christo grounds, and it’s been featured by Factmag website, depicting the following: “Brought to you by the same team as Outlook, for the past two years Dimensions has been providing a second dose of dubstep, house, techno and more to Fort Punta Christo.”

This sums up Dimensions pretty well, sans attribution to the festivals extreme underground electronic dance music. The festival harnesses the finest, most complex music across the globe, and it features competitive sound systems maintaining technical specifications capable of disorienting even veteran festival-goers.

Dimensions is the ideal place to witness the awe and raw power of electronica. It features some of the best house, techno, drum-and-bass and dubstep artists —featuring both new and old electronic sounds.

Dimensions is held in Pula, Croatia, which will be a long travel for anyone living within the UK or The States. But, listeners be assured, Dimensions harnesses some of the world’s best artists, and it offers camping for visitors’ ease-of-access and promotes “general good vibes”, as stated by DimensionsFestival website.

Camping Brioni, the cheapest of customers’ visiting options for accommodation, is situated within the festival’s center.

Dimensions offers both 2-man and 4-man standing tents for visitors, too, and campers can access them when the festival commences. The tents maintain great deals, and they’re cheaper than purchasing individual tents — stowed as extra baggage by visitors traveling overseas.

Dimensions additionally harnesses a vivid “Podpad Village”. The Podpad Village is located within each campsite’s quietest area — and it contains easy-access toilets, showers and accessories. The Podpad Village is also near the event’s beach area — making it a common destination for travelers seeking excitement during the festival.

Dimensions contains a well-tailored artist line-up, including Consequence, Little Dragon, Midland, Pariah, Jack Sparrow, Ben UFO and Alexander Nut.

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