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Top 5 Belgian Foods You Have To Try

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat, and stay at, in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Belgium

Traditional Belgian cuisine is considered one of Europe’s finest, and with a good reason. While Flemish dishes are influenced by Dutch cuisine, Wallonian foods rich in sauces strongly resemble French cooking. As you might expect, there is a wide variety of places to eat out, and many internationally-popular foods are also popular in Belgium. However, when you visit this beautiful country, you should definitely try some of their traditional foods.

Belgian waffles are much richer and denser than American waffles because they are made with buttery brioche dough and chunks of pearl sugar that caramelize on the crust when cooked. The most famous Belgian waffle is called the Liege waffle and you can find them almost everywhere in the country.

Croquettes are one of the most popular foods in Belgium and they are usually served with a salad, fried parsley and frites. Traditional Belgian croquettes have a creamy cheese or grey shrimp filling, although chefs have been known to experiment with the recipe.

Although moules frites are actually Dutch, they are probably the most well-known dish in Belgium. Despite the fact that mussel season doesn’t run the entire year, Belgians eat around 30 million tons of Dutch mussels each year which equals to 3 kg a year per person.

Apart from offering tasty dishes, Belgium is also worldwide famous for its chocolates and beers. Chocolate fans will be thrilled to discover that there are over 2,000 chocolatiers in Belgium which produce more than 172,000 tons of chocolate each year. When it comes to the renowned Belgian beer, all you need to know is that the country has about 180 breweries. Basically, Belgium has more distinct types of beer per capita than anywhere else in the world and Belgians drink 84 liters of beer each year.

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