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Top 5 Alternatives To Disney

Disney is known for providing a great vacation experience, but there are plenty of great alternatives to Disney that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Although Disney has everything from classic rides to well-known characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, it still comes at a price.

According to Yahoo News, Disney has increased its one-day ticket price to $99 for just one park in 2014, representing a substantial increase. While there are definitely some more budget-friendly parks out there, price is not the only reason to look beyond Disney to other offerings. After all, there are many world-class parks that feature attractions and rides you simply cannot get in Disney.

Ultimately, if you’re not giving other parks a try, you’re selling your amusement park experience short. Without further ado, here are the top 5 alternatives to Disney parks.

1. SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a great option for amusement park fun. Families will love interacting with various sea animals, including getting chances to feed stingrays, sea lions and dolphins. Spectacular orca shows are one of the main features of the park, allowing visitors to watch these magnificent creatures perform astounding tricks.

SeaWorld also offers a number of cheaper options than Disney with their weekday tickets featuring especially deep discounts, costing only $65 for adults.

While adults and teenagers will likely enjoy the great events and opportunities involving wildlife at SeaWorld, there is no doubt they’ll also enjoy exciting roller coasters like the Manta and the Kraken. Don’t worry, there are plenty of rides for kids too, such as the Shamu Express, a rollercoaster just exciting enough for a kid to enjoy, and the Ocean Commotion, a 19-foot tugboat that gently rocks you and your kids around.

Shamu’s Happy Harbor also features a net climb with interlinking tunnels and plenty of slides, all while being big enough for parents to climb through as well.

SeaWorld Orlando also offers the After Dark extravaganza, featuring a sea lion show called Sea Lions Tonite and a fireworks performance called Reflections. That means the fun in this park doesn’t end when the sun goes down.

Of course, one of the great attractions of SeaWorld in Orlando is Aquatica, a 59-acre park filled with fun rides such as the Taumata Racer, which allows riders to race one another across eight slides. If you have a big family, you’ll certainly get a rush seeing who the fastest slider of your family is. If you feel simply like relaxing for a bit, just float down Loggerhead Lane, which is Aquatica’s version of the lazy river.

San Diego opened its own version of Aquatica in 2012 and San Antonio in 2013, meaning you can enjoy this popular attraction across the country.

Those looking for a multi-day experience at SeaWorld will find plenty to choose from, including the Renaissance Orlando hotel, which includes a spa, cocktail lounge, and of course some very nice pools. SeaWorld ultimately provides the perfect mix of wildlife, adrenaline-pumping rides, and plenty of kid-friendly events and activities.

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