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Top 21 US Cities For Food Lovers

There’s no greater pleasure than traveling throughout the US, exploring and visiting various places, each and every unique in its own way. Actually, scratch that, there is something better – eating delicious new foods at those places. After a long drive, you leave your things in the hotel and stumble down the stairs to take a walk across the city center. The next logical thing to do would be to look for something to satisfy your munchies, so we’re offering our flawless expertise on this topic – here are 21 places you should visit if you love a good meal and a fine atmosphere to it:

1.Nashville, Tennessee

We will start this list off with Nashville for no specific reason, really. But where to begin…? Well, the city is highly ranked by barbecue lovers because it straddles the thin line between the Memphis and the Carolina styles. But apart from that, Nashville has a food genre of its own: the hot chicken. This is something you simply have to try if you’re visiting Nashville.

This fried chicken served on white bread may be yet another reason why sandwich lovers simply adore Nashville. If you’re looking for a good classic, stop by the Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, and then, just to compare, go to Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, and be sure to wash the food down with some Coke once you’re done.

Nashville is also well-known for its coffee – the pour-overs and coffee sodas at Cream Coffee Roasters are an impressive sight, and we also have to mention that all visitors are moved by the friendliness of the locals at this coffeehouse.

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