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Top 15 Summer Travel Destinations You Never Considered Visiting

Sometimes a person can run out of ideas on where to go on a summer vacation. You’ve visited your favorite destination spots so many times that they have started to lose their appeal. Even the kids are complaining that they would rather stay home.

Get out of your normal summer vacation rut and instead head out to a place you’ve never considered visiting to enjoy the new sights and thrills to be discovered there.

We have gathered a list of the top 15 summer vacation destinations you may not have heard about. Climb along glaciers, see giant turtles or go on actual paleontology digs to find dinosaur bones. You’ definitely find something to do as you will never have another boring vacation again.

1. Alberta, Canada

Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs when you head to Alberta, Canada. The Dinosaur Provincial Park has dinosaur fossils waiting to be discovered under hoodoos (giant rock formations) in the park as you can go on guided tours and learn more about the dinosaurs that walked the land.

Located 3 hours from Calgary, the Dinosaur Provincial Park is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site has over 40 species of dinosaurs have been dug up already at the place with many more just waiting to be discovered, as reported by National Geographic.

The Dinosaur Provincial Park is definitely a summer vacation spot for those young adventurers in the family. Although access to a lot of the park is restricted to only palaeontologists, so as not to have any dinosaur fossils accidentally destroyed by tourists, there are still lots of activities to do for the entire family. T

ravel Alberta states that you can explore the natural wonders in the area, see the outdoor exhibits and or go on a fossil safari.

The best way to enjoy the Dinosaur Provincial Park is to stay for a couple of days just to see all the sights. They have camping arrangements for people who want to rough it while enjoying the great outdoors — if roughing it means having a tent already pitched up with real beds, wooden floors, gas barbecues and decks as you can enjoy the river view.

A summer vacation in Alberta, Canada will have the kids wanting to return every year. Just make sure to book your reservations early for the programs and tours. Spots fill up quickly. You don’t want to miss out as you may not find any room for yourself or your family on the tours if you try to book a place when arriving at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

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