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Top 15 Spring Travel Destinations

Spring is the time of year to break away from the cabin fever created during the winter and plan a nice vacation. Whether you are waiting for the kids to go on Spring break, or want to travel with your significant other to get to a favorite destination before the summer crowds appear, now is the perfect time for a trip. See baseball games, dance in parades and just relax on the beach this Spring. We have gathered the top 15 Spring travel destinations that will make you create great photo memories for the scrapbook.

1. Top Destination For Cherry Blossoms And Baseball: New York City, New York

Whether you are a Yankees or Mets fan, you won’t want to miss the start of baseball season as you can see a great ballgame. Then look on in wonder at the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming in a city that has every activity and entertainment to keep your Spring trip busy.

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