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Top 15 Destinations For Diving

1. Silfra, Pingvellir, Iceland

Some of the most beautiful places in the world are underwater. Divers have experienced some of the earth’s most remarkable features, which most people will never see. Without beautiful photographs, all of these places would be unknown except to the few people who are adventurous enough to strap on the gear and jump into the deep.

Each year, new destinations are discovered since the ocean floor, reefs and islands change constantly. Once someone reveals the location and features there, other divers descend on the area and make it famous. The top diving destinations are distributed across the entire globe. Your bucket list might include at least three of the places on this list.

At this site, divers can swim beneath two continents: North America and Europe. As the name describes, this is a chilly dive that offers one of the most unique underwater experiences on earth. Hovering in the gap between two tectonic plates the diver will be able to see a 600-meter chasm that offers remarkable underwater visibility.

Water that remains -4 degrees Celsius is sure to offer challenges to the diver with an arctic adventure in mind. Glaciers are melting just 20 miles away, so divers must be prepared with equipment that is appropriate for cold water.

While in this area, the divers can head in the opposite direction to a small tunnel, which has acquired an interesting name, “the toilet.” Divers must follow the narrow passage head first while descending 16 meters according to Travel CNN. For brave souls, the reward is a glimpse of Silfra Hall where overhead boulders and protruding rocks await. This portion of the dive is not for the faint of heart diver with claustrophobia.

Those who venture into Silfra Cathedral tell stories of nearly gasping at the beauty that is visible across the 120-meter lagoon. A drink of water from this place will be the cleanest you will taste in your life. Divers dream of experiencing this cold water dive as the ultimate adventure. Beauty is the catchword for anyone who has set foot on Iceland. Once-in-a-lifetime diving locations like this one will remind you why you work hard and save the rest of the year.

Divers arrive at Thingvellir National Park to find the entrance for this diving adventure. Water depths vary from 10-45 meters, which offers remarkable maneuvering room and unmatched beauty. Clarity in the water can reach 90 meters as reported on Travel CNN. These distances are hard to imagine since few places have vast expanses within the features where the water is absolutely crystal clear.

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