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Top 13 Reasons Not To Go To Disney

Sure, plenty of people go to Disneyland and Disney World for some fun, memorable times, and maybe some people actually get their money’s worth. People who have fun at Disney fail to understand that there are some who are less than happy about the Magic Kingdom experience.

The reasons for displeasure at a Disney vacation can be varied and very personal, turning the place that is supposed to be the happiest on Earth into a bit of a personal hell. Before considering going to either park, consider the following 13 good reasons to go somewhere else.

1. The tickets are insanely expensive

Many people who have set in their mind that a happy vacation involves going to Disneyland or Disney World don’t even bat an eyelash at the prices of admission. People who are thinking critically might need to sit down before calculating how much it will cost to go to the park for a few days with the family, and maybe even consider taking out a small loan.

If you think going to an amusement park and paying $60 a person is steep, wait until you pay the price of admission for Disney. Right now, a 2-day pass to one of the parks at Disneyland costs $175.00 for anyone 10 and older. Getting the Park Hopper ticket at Disneyland, which enables someone to go to California Adventure as well, costs $210.00.

Tacking on a third day makes those prices increase to $225.00 for the single park ticket and $260.00 for the Park Hopper ticket (although that does include a Magic Morning pass). Those prices are for a single person, not a couple and not a family of 3 or 4. Sure, there are some ways to get around the huge ticket prices, like living in Southern California, but not everyone is so lucky.

Even if you shop the different times of the year and find off times to attend the park, the tickets will still likely be over $100.00 each, which can add up in a hurry, depending on the size of your family. Disney increases the price of admission pretty regularly, and before you buy tickets you need to ask what the price increase is going toward.

In the end, you might agree that the money you would spend on admission to either Disneyland or Disney World would be better spent someplace else that is even more enjoyable to visit. Where that place is would be up to you to decide.

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