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Top 11 Most Futuristic Travel Gadgets and Travel Technology

Lugging heavy suitcases, waiting in long lines at security checkpoints and dealing with unruly passengers can make traveling a burden. Luckily, the outlook for traveling just got a whole lot brighter with these futuristic gizmos and transportation technologies. Whether it be taking an elevator to space or using hands-free luggage one of these items is sure to grab your attention. Keep reading to learn about the top 11 most futuristic travel gadgets and travel technology.

1. Powerbag Briefcase

The closest thing to reality on our list, the Powerbag Briefcase is built for the hardcore traveler who always needs to be connected. The built-in battery makes it easy to recharge your laptop, smartphone and more with ease. The case will even include the most common adapters for foreign countries.

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