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Top 20 Underrated Vacation Spots

Everyone can tick off the over-done vacation spots around the world. It might be fun to say you’ve been to any of those popular vacation spots, which usually draws envy from others, but you are missing out on some unique and often superior vacation experiences.

While going to an underrated vacation spot might not generate the same kind of jealousy from friends or family, in the end you will have a more enjoyable vacation experience.

Check out any of the following 20 underrated vacation spots, each of which has a unique experience to offer. Many of these areas are near the cliché spots, but offer a drastically different and far more enriching vacation.

1. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Some islands are just special because they are so clean and picturesque, and Mackinac Island in Michigan definitely falls into this special category. One of the best things about this getaway is that cars are banned from the island, meaning you can only get around with a bicycle or in a buggy, which adds a nostalgic feel to the entire experience.

Not having cars around also makes the island more peaceful and quiet, making for a much more relaxing atmosphere. One of Mackinac Island’s big claims to fame is the fudge that is made on the island. There are many fudge shops that sell a number of different fudge flavors to suit just about anyone’s taste preferences, titillating taste buds with every bite.

According to the Mackinac Island Tourist Board, fudge is by far the most common souvenir people take home from their stay, which further spreads the island’s fame. That top souvenir item is also celebrated with an annual Fudge Festival, which is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of the treat.

As for other foods available on Mackinac Island, a range of local eateries offer up a variety of foods, from casual dishes like burgers and pizza to finer dining options that serve Italian or seafood. After dinner you can take in a few live musical performances at various venues spread around the island, with genres such as jazz, hard rock, folk, blues and country represented by talented artists.

There are even dance clubs with live DJs if you want to do something more than just listen to the music and you need to feel energized for a night. If dancing to a thumping beat is not your thing, there are ballroom dancing lessons and ballroom dance venues on the island, where attendees dress up for the special occasion.

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