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Top 16 Overrated Vacation Spots

There are a number of tourist destinations that have excellent reputations which are well-deserved. If you go to enough popular vacation spots around the world, sooner or later you will learn that some have not rightfully earned their popularity. How exactly different places earn undeserved reputations is anyone’s guess.

Perhaps ignorant tourists think that there is no better alternative, or some destinations used to be nice and accommodating but their fame brought about laziness or too many tourists, ruining what made it special before.

The sad truth is that sometimes you do not know that a famous destination does not live up to its reputation or your expectations until you are stuck there for however many days you have a hotel reservation.

It’s best to find out in advance which areas are just not worth your time or money, freeing you to find alternatives that will make for a happy vacation experience. With each of the following overrated vacation spots, there are superior alternatives in the same general location.

The only problem is that many times the better travel destinations are not nearly as famous, so it takes more digging and research to find out about them. That effort is rewarded by a superior travel experience, versus dashed expectations from a ruined vacation.

1. Disneyland/Disneyworld

You will literally love Disneyland or Disneyworld if your idea of a great time is standing almost the entire day. Many visitors to Disney’s popular theme parks find out that to enjoy one of the famous rides that lasts less than five minutes, they must stand in line for one to two hours.

If you visit during the hot summer months, when most people take their big vacations, you get to stand in line in the hot weather, wishing you had gone for the beach vacation instead. The food prices in the theme parks make eating at a movie theater look like a bargain.

On top of that, you will have to fight for a seat at the different eating areas, furthering your life as human cattle on a mission to consume the sights, food and souvenirs in the park.

Speaking of souvenirs, they are everywhere you go. You literally cannot walk more than fifty feet without some sort of souvenir store or booth right there. If you are not a fan of Disney merchandise and looking like you are five again, you likely will not want to spend your money on a pair of Mickey Ears or a build-your-own lightsaber.

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