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Tipping in the Modern Age

Are you annoyed with the fact that tipping etiquette just keeps changing? Whether you agree with it or not, you might get a scowl from a server if you refuse to tip the right way. Let’s take a look at tipping in the modern age.

At one time, a 20 percent tip was the norm when you go out to eat in a restaurant. In the modern age, though, you are expected to tip zero percent if the service was horrible. 15 percent if the service was decent. 20 percent if you got the service you were expecting. 25 percent if the service was exceptional. If you eat in a group of six people or more, your gratuity may be added onto the overall bill, so make sure to look for it.

When you find yourself dining at a high-end restaurant that has a captain/head waiter, you need to make sure that you leave at least a 25 percent tip, but once again, if the service was not as expected, lessen the tip and ask to speak with management.

Do you often find yourself sitting at a bar? If so, you need to know how much to tip. As a general rule, you should tip anywhere from one to two dollars per drink. If you run up a large tab, pay the bartender a 15 percent tip; this is of course assuming the bartender made all of your drinks properly. The most important thing to remember is to pay the bartender his or her tip and your server (if you have a different one when ordering food) his or her own tip.

Next time you go to get your haircut, make sure you leave a good tip. After all, it is your hair we’re talking about. All hair stylists and barbers deserve at least a 20 percent tip. If your hairstylist is not the same person who shampoos your hair, make sure to add on a two dollar tip for this person.

Are you in need of movers? If so, remember to add in a $20 tip per mover when getting a moving quote. If you happen to have extra heavy items that need to be loaded, transported and unloaded, you may want to consider adding on at least an additional $10 per mover.

When it comes to valet parking, the guy parking your car deserves a $5 tip and the guy who brings your car back to you should get at least a $2 tip. The reason that you should give the guy parking your car a larger tip is because you expect him to park your car in the best parking spot. If your car is very expensive, you may want to consider upping the tip to $7.

If you have a regular babysitter or nanny, a week’s pay is sufficient as a tip once every two to three months. These people are taking care of your children and/or loved ones, so make sure to tip them accordingly.

Tipping can get expensive, but when you consider the services that people provide to you, it becomes easier to understand that throwing a little cash their way is definitely worth the good experiences they give you.

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