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This Is What Party-Goers Need To Know About Nightlife In Latvia’s Capital

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This week we visit: Latvia


Thanks to low prices, cheap drinks and an unbelievably high number of strip bars, Latvia’s capital Riga has recently become one of the most popular stag cities in Europe. Apart from the numerous fancy-looking men looking for one last weekend of pure fun, the city is also awash with tourists of all ages, interests and preferences.

Like every major city on the Old Continent, Riga is also packed with bars, nightclubs and live music venues. You can find everything from traditional bars, laid-back pubs, lounge-style cafes, funky nightclubs, to modern venues that work all night long.

One thing to note is that certain bars are (unofficially) reserved only for Riga’s large Russian community, and foreigners are usually not welcomed there (though there are places where you will be tolerated).

Another thing you should know is that bars in Riga are often open later than those in other European cities, and some of them have guests until early in the morning. Of course, Friday and Saturday are the busiest days of the week, but Riga basically never sleeps: there’s always a great party somewhere in the city.

Though Riga is an amazing place to party, you should be aware that the capital is also famous for bar fights (don’t be surprised to see one as they frequently happen), and rip-off bars that will try to charge you for your drinks way more than they actually cost. On average, bars in Old Town will charge €2.00-3.50 per beer and bars outside of Old Town will charge €1.50-2.00 per beer.

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