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This Christmas Will Be Wet, Not Snowy


If you have been dreaming of a white Christmas, keep dreaming. Because it’s not going to happen. It is the ideal weather for the holiday, we agree. But it seems that this Christmas for Americans will definitely not be white. And to make matters worse, there’s a good chance that it’s going to wet in many parts of the country as well.

There might be some snow in the upper part of the Midwest, but there usually is this time of year, so it won’t be anything strange for people living there. There are some storms forming on the east coast and around the gulf area, but unfortunately, they are not snow storms.

What you can expect this Christmas is a lot of rain, we are sad to say. According to American weather experts, heavy rains, thunderstorms and high winds are almost guaranteed for Christmas this year. So you might have to check your flights as well if you are traveling. Potential thunderstorms can often cause planes to stay grounded and ruin a lot of Christmas vacation plans.

But the good news is that it really shouldn’t last that long. The rainy weather is expected to come and go within a few days. And after that we can at least hope that we get some snow in time for ringing in the New Year.

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