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These Romanian Dishes Are Must-Try


In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat, and stay at, in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Romania

Well known for its wide variety of traditional foods, Romanian cuisine is greatly influenced by a number of different cultures. For example, Nicolae Klepper, author of the famous cookbook ‘Taste of Romania’, writes that Romanian dishes have been influenced by many traditions, including Turkish, German, Sebian, Bulgarian and Hungarian:

‘’It is a cuisine influenced by repeated waves of different cultures: the ancient Greeks, with whom Romanians traded; the Romans, who gave the country its name; the Saxons, who settled in southern Transylvania; the Turks, who for centuries dominated Romania; as well as Slavic and Magyar neighbors. All of these influences gradually blended into the varied and delicious Romanian culinary tradition.’’

That being said, here are some dishes you should try when you visit the country:

First of all, one of the favorite foods in Romania is sarmale, which is basically mincemeat wrapped in cabbage or vine leaves. It goes excellently with polenta (water, salt and corn meal), and sour cream.

Stews made with chicken, pork and vegetables are very popular among locals, and one of the most popular is the delicious tripe soup served with garlic or hot chili pepper and vinegar. Another exquisite dish is carnati, a dish made with pork liver and intestines. Other meat favorites include frigarui (skewered meat), mititei (grilled mincemeat rolls) and snitel (a breaded pork, veal, or beef cutlet).

When it comes to desserts, crepes with various fillings and toppings are a must-try, while other tasty treats include baklava (an extremely sweet layered pastry), pandispan (sponge cake), turta dulce (gingerbread), papanasi (a kind of doughnut with jam and sour cream on top) and orez cu lapte (rice pudding).

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