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These Apps Will Help You Travel Like A Local


One of the best things about the advancements in travel technology is that you can use a variety of apps that will help you experience your destination in a more “insider” way than ever before. Of course, this is assuming that this is what you desire. There are still people who like their tourist visits to be exactly that – touristy. On the other hand, those who wish to learn more about how the locals live and spend their time, there is quite a few apps that make this easier than ever before. PSFK Labs have done a great job at discovering apps that do this better than others.

One such app is Side Story which is currently only available in London, i.e. for people traveling to the UK’s capital. With this app, you can connect with cultural “Insiders” who can show you the arts and culture that make London one of the greatest cities in the world. You can get in touch with the leading figures and the inner workings of fashion, art design, street art and food by using this app. It is definitely something we’d like to see spread elsewhere.

If you happen to be traveling to San Francisco, you might consider downloading and using the Airbnb Journeys app, a project supported by the famous Airbnb people who have already transformed the way many people travel. With this app, you choose a “Journey” in San Francisco that can last anywhere from a day to five days and during which you will spend time with local people who will show you their San Fran.

Screenshot_1For those who are more interested in the ultimate nightlife at their future location, there is no app better than Zoola Fix. With it, you get hooked up with a nightlife expert in the city you wish to visit who will know all the best places. The Fixers, as they are called, all have their profiles and you can see their “style” before you get in touch with them. Among the countries supported by Zoola Fix are Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, UK and the US.

VizEat is an app that is more geared towards foodies and anyone who wants to really experience what the people eat in the city or town they are visiting. Local hosts have their profiles and travelers can get in touch with them for a home-cooked meal, visit to the local market, a food walk or anything in between. For those who want a truly inside look into local cuisine, VizEat could not be any better. So far, cities from over 50 countries are included, such as Barcelona, New York, Manchester, Lyon, Florence and New Delhi.

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