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The Travel Habits Of Americans Are Disappointing regularly tracks the travel and vacation habits of Americans through series of surveys. In the first days of 2015, the company rounded up its overview on America’s vacation habits in 2014 with one particular subject in mind – the number of vacation days people used last year.

The results are, unfortunately, as predictable as they are depressing. The survey showed that almost 41% of Americans did not use a single vacation day in the entire year 2014. On the other hand, some 16% of participants in the survey said they used as many as 20 vacation days in 2014, which is impressive, considering the overall economic situation and the fact that the average number of vacation days available for American employees is ten.

Regardless of the number of vacation days, the survey showed that only 13% of Americans can actually afford to use up all over their days off.

According to, women tend to take fewer vacation days than men and young people have the same habit, compared to older ones. Regionally, the residents of the U.S. West use the most vacation days, while those in the South take the least. People who live in suburban areas take more vacation days than those living in large cities or rural areas, the survey showed.

Economically, it goes without saying that poorer strata of Americans travel less and use less vacation days than the wealthier ones.


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