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The Most Reputable Country In 2014 Is…


The Reputation Institute, a global private consulting company based in New York and Copenhagen, has released its fifth annual “Country RepTrak” of what it calls “The World’s Most Reputable Countries,” a tool the company uses in order to advise countries on how to boost their global reputation. It also advises companies that want to know how their country of origin influences their reputation elsewhere.

This year they made some changes to the list. Instead of rating 50 countries that either have the largest economies and populations, or are in the hotspot because of economic, political or natural events, it decided to do a less subjective list of 55 countries with the largest GDP. That means they left off countries with low GDPs like Haiti and Iraq and added bigger economies such as Kuwait and Romania.

Winners are – Switzerland, which edged out Canada, the No. 1 country for the previous three years.

Sweden comes in third, down from second last year. Finland is the biggest gainer in the top 10, moving up to fourth place, from eighth last year. The US is down at 22, behind Brazil and just above the Czech Republic.

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