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The Ins And Outs Of Madagascar’s Nightlife

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This week we visit: Madagascar


As a rather popular tourist destination, Madagascar also boasts a lively nightlife, especially in areas where there are a lot of tourists. The quality of bars and nightclubs can vary greatly and it is therefore important to know where to go. We have a few suggestions for you.

Espace Dera is one of the rare nightclubs in Antananarivo that is not too loud and where you can hear the person you are talking to. It is a relaxed place and a cool place to spend a few hours. Namaza House is also quite popular among tourists, especially those who are into rock and blues. Keep in mind that it is almost always packed full.

If you are looking for a wilder night out, definitely head out to Le Glacier Analakely, also in Antananarivo. It is extremely loud, crowded but it is also tons of fun. Keep your hand on your money at all times, though as it is also very popular with pickpockets. When you get tired of the chaos in Le Glacier Analakely, head out to Tana Art Café in the Isokara district for a quiet drink in a very cool bar. If you want to see expats and tourists, you can also visit New York in Tamatave where they mix some mean drinks too.

For those who want to check out the most popular nightclub in Antannarivo, La Plage is a must-see. It is a two-story nightclub with 2 huge dance floors and a small private on. The DJs spin mostly American and French music and there are also plenty of live gigs. Be warned – it is always crowded.

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