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The Dos And Don’ts Of Travelling With A Toddler


Parents know that travelling with a toddler can be really demanding, but there are some things moms and dads can do in order to make travelling with a small child as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

To make life easier on all of us, Amber Hunt of The Associated Press wrote an article that deals with the dos and don’ts of travelling with a toddler. So, here’s what she said:

The Dos:

  • You need plenty of toys and interesting objects to keep your toddler’s attention during the flight or ride.
  • Do a lot of research prior to the trip and decide if you should bring a stroller or child carrier.
  • You will need two rooms – one for your child’s nap time, the other for yourself and your partner. The last thing you want to do is keep quiet for hours because your toddler is sleeping – allow yourself some time and space to relax and do the things you enjoy.
  • Continue with your child’s nap schedule.
  • Not everything you do has to be child-friendly. Enjoy your trip.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t disrupt your child’s routine.
  •  Don’t ignore hotel events – find out if your hotel has a bar, or if your hotel is located in a busy area – you don’t want to stay awake all night because there’s a party happening in your proximity.
  •  Don’t expect your toddler to behave like anything else than a toddler. Not everything will go according to plan, but hey, that’s normal.
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