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Thanksgiving Travel Week: Weather, Terror And Gas Prices


It is the last week of November and Thanksgiving is just a few days away. The latest numbers are saying that this is going to be one of the busiest Thanksgiving weeks and weekends ever, especially when it comes to travel. It is estimated that almost 47 million people will be taking to the road or air before and around Thanksgiving and there are a few things that are on everyone’s mind.

The first of these is definitely the weather. This late in November, the weather is always an issue, as particularly bad weather can delay or cancel flights, as well as cause all kinds of problems on the road. During such a busy week, the last thing travelers need are weather problems.

The way things are looking now weather-wise, the East Coast will be alright. The weather is expected to be great for travel and no problems are expected whatsoever. Once you start going west, things get worse. In the Midwest, some rain is expected, but no snow, except in Minnesota. Once you reach the Rockies, the things get a bit rougher and snow starts to appear. The good news is that it is not looking to be anything particularly nasty and no particular problems are expected.


In addition to the weather, Thanksgiving travelers are also worried about the safety situation, following the attacks in Paris and terrorist threats in Belgium. Furthermore, there have been quite a few ISIS videos over the last couple of days, threatening attacks throughout the United States. Quite naturally, people are apprehensive.

The airports have heightened security measures and it may cause travelers to spend a bit more time getting on and off theirflights, but it is safe to say that most people will be okay with this. Jay Johnson, the U.S. Defense Secretary has said that people should travel as usual this Thanksgiving week, saying,

We encourage American’s as the holiday season approaches to continue to travel. To associate. To go to public events. Terrorists cannot prevail, if the people refuse to be terrorized.

On a more positive note, it seems that the gas prices might reach the lowest level since 2008, with the national gas average reaching as low as $1.90 or even $1.80. It all depends on how low the retailers are prepared to go to entice the customers during the holidays.

In short, the weather should be fine, gas prices will be low and the terrorists can suck it.

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