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Stuff You Must See And Do In Nicaragua

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat, and stay at, in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Nicaragua


Nicaragua is not short of attractions to explore and experience and if you plan on visiting this beautiful country, get prepared to be wowed every step of the way. For your first visit, we recommend a few classics that are integral parts of any successful first contact with Nicaragua.

The first of these is Granada, not the largest city in the country, but it is one of the most important, especially politically. Granada is the first European city in mainland America and it has seen tumultuous history which has left it with innumerable historic sights and buildings which scream history. You should also find your way to Leon, a city famous for its cultural scene and abundance of students which contribute to a massively liberal and progressive atmosphere in this historic city with incredible architecture.

shutterstock_194457722Once you got your taste of history, culture and architecture, it is time for you to start exploring the country’s nature and San Juan del Sur is the perfect place to start. It is by far the most famous Nicaraguan beach with incredible waters and beaches, as well as some of the best surfing in this part of the world.

Ometepe Island is another part of Nicaragua that you simply have to visit, formed by two volcanoes and offering some truly great times. Hiking is the name of the game on the island, giving you the chance to climb the volcanoes and observe the surroundings. Also, make sure to taste some of the local healthy delicacies. While we are on the subject of volcanoes, you can also go volcano boarding at Cerro Negro, a young volcano that is reached from Leon.

If you are more interested in peace, quiet and relaxation, then it is best you head out to Corn Islands (the Little Corn and the Big Corn), situated off the Caribbean coast of the country and offering gorgeous beaches and everything that you will need for a truly relaxing vacation.


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