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Staying Safe In Mozambique

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This week we visit: Mozambique


There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you wish your visit to Mozambique to go without a hitch. For one, you should know that in the provinces of Manica, Sofala and Tete, there have been some tensions and even armed skirmishes in the last couple of years. If you plan on visiting these provinces, make sure to inquire beforehand and monitor the local media.

While most tourists come back from Mozambique without experiencing any trouble, there is still the possibility of street crime, especially in larger cities. Tourist-heavy areas are also attractive to criminals and you should be careful when visiting these areas. Beaches and off-shore islands are not policed and it is advised to be extra careful when spending time there, especially after nightfall.

You should also remember that police corruption is quite common in Mozambique and that you might need to bribe police in order to avoid problems. This does not happen too often and they tend to be quite “reasonable” with their bribery demands. If you intend to drive outside of Maputo and larger cities, you should travel by day as roads are in poor condition and the traffic can be quite erratic. Also, you might find out that you cannot buy gas outside of larger metro areas.

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