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Staying Safe In Mongolia – Travel Tips

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This week we visit: Mongolia


Despite the world-famous hospitality that you will experience everywhere you go in Mongolia, the US State Department does not consider the country to be a country that is too safe and people who are traveling to Mongolia are recommended to be careful when visiting.

Ulaanbaatar has become less and less safe since the year 2010 and it is often stage to demonstrations, including political protests and such. All visitors are advised to avoid going near such protests as they can get violent at times.

Street crime is relatively common in larger cities in Mongolia, especially in Ulaanbaatar, the capital. The most common crimes include bag snatching and pickpocketing, with foreigners being the most common targets. There have also been reports of organized groups which engage in violent pickpocketing and robbery. It is advised not to confront these groups or any thieves that you might discover doing something to you.

There is a pervading feeling that xenophobic attacks are on the rise in Ulaanbaatar, especially against people of Asian heritage who are mistaken for Korean and Chinese nationals who are a specially attractive targets of Mongolian nationalists.

There are several parts of Ulaanbaatar which have been known to be particularly unsafe, especially by night – Chinggis Khan International Airport, the area around the Circus and Peace Avenue, Naran Tuul Covered Market.

The crime in Mongolia has its “seasons” with an increase during the summer months, mostly during and shortly after the Naadam Summer Festival.

If someone approaches you in the street claiming to be police in plain clothes, ask to see their identification or ask to accompany them to the nearest police station.

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