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Staying Fit While Traveling

Taking a trip often means eating more and working out less. That can spell disaster even for those who normally work hard to stay in great shape. Whether you are a true fitness buff or simply someone trying to lose a few pounds, you should know that your fitness goals do not have to be put on hold while you are on vacation. Here are a few tips for staying fit while traveling.

Find The Time to Workout

Some hotels have exercise machines and weights for their patrons to take advantage of while on vacation. This is always a great option for those concerned with their health. However, not every place you stay will have a decent fitness room. The solution is to come up with a routine that you can do in your hotel room or outside if you are camping.

This may include sit-ups, push-ups, lounges, and squats. Chart how many of each exercise you want to do each day so that you do not lose track. You might also be able to find trails to run or bike in the area. Find some time during your schedule to do your fitness routine. Make it part of the family fun!

Stay at a Hotel with a Kitchen

If you are staying at a hotel, the best option to ensure healthy eating is to stay at a hotel that has a kitchenette. When you cook your own food, you control how many calories and how much nutrients are in your meals. You can stock up on healthy snacks as well. Snacks like baby carrots, boiled eggs, and almonds can be easily stored in a kitchenette and eaten as needed. If you do not have access to a stove or refrigerator during your trip, bring some dry snacks that are high in fiber and protein which will keep your fuller longer, so you are not temped to order pizza.

Look Up Menus from Local Restaurants Online

The internet is super helpful for health junkies. It’s a good idea to do some research on the local dining options before you ever leave for your trip. Look up local restaurants online and find their menu. You can choose what options best fit your eating plan this way. It is easier to make a decision about what to eat in the comfort of your own home before you are in the heat of the moment. When you get to the restaurant, you may not have the time or the willpower to make the right decision.

Stay Active

While you will likely be making the best of your vacation time, make an effort to avoid too much downtime. Boredom can lead to mindless eating. Instead, when you are free, take a walk to explore the area. If that is not possible, go to the hotel lobby and browse through the attraction pamphlets. Ask the hotel clerk for a newspaper and relax in the lobby for a bit. Finding something to do that is away from fatty foods can be the difference between meeting your fitness goal and blowing it.

Don’t sacrifice your health during a vacation. With a little effort and determination, you can make a good and healthy decision even when you are on a trip. You will come home with lots of great memories and no guilty conscience.

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