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Stay Safe While Exploring Iceland’s Natural Wonders

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat and stay at in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Iceland

Iceland Landscape spring panorama at sunset

Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world and crime is virtually non-existent in both Reykjavik and Iceland’s rural areas.  However, depending on the location in Iceland you’re traveling to, there a few safety tips you should follow.

Since natural wonders and beauties are among the country’s top tourist attractions, you need to be aware of the possible dangers and unpredictability of Mother Nature.

Like so many things in nature, Icelandic weather is also unpredictable and we advise you to pay special attention to weather forecasts, especially on the highlands and during winter. If you are exploring the country alone, be prepared, cautious and frequently check traveling conditions. Wherever you go, make sure to have warm clothes and a communication device. Also, whether you’re going on group and guided tours or wandering on your own, be appropriately equipped at all times.

If you want to visit the more remote parts of Iceland, leave your itinerary with someone. Some roads in the more isolated areas are unpaved and a 4×4 vehicle is a must, particularly in the highlands. Although you will see amazing things, always watch your step and keep your eyes on the road.

Last but not least, the Icelandic emergency number is 112 and the 112 Iceland app enables you to contact the emergency service in case of trouble and they will easily locate your whereabouts.


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