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Stay Safe In Mesmerizing Portugal

In our new Globe Trotter series, Viral Travel reviews all the best places to see, eat and stay at in every country of the world!

This week we visit: Portugal


Portugal is generally considered a fairly safe place to visit. The country as a whole, as well as the individual cities, is not targeted by terrorism nor is it in conflict with other countries. There are no internal conflicts and violent crime rates are fairly low. The Portuguese rarely get obnoxious when they drink, so the weekends are safe and relaxed as well.

Still, you might want to use some common sense, just as you would do at home. There are some areas in larger cities that you should avoid, particular neighborhoods and areas usually around train and bus stations, that might be unsafe at certain hours of the night, or if you are alone.

The biggest safety concern for tourists in Portugal is pickpocketing. Pickpockets are usually young, even underage, taking advantage of the country’s lenient laws on minors. They are very skillful and might rob you blind without you even noticing. In order to avoid getting pick-pocketed, keep your valuables in a money belt or in inside pockets and be careful in crowd – in queues, at train stations and bus stops, open-air markets and shopping malls.

When traveling, try to sit with or near other people. Avoid empty carriages on the subway and don’t linger around the stations and stops at night.

Get informed on what, if any, particular areas of the city you’re staying in should be avoided. It is best to ask someone at your hotel or hostel. As we said above, Portugal is generally safe but some areas are best avoided, especially at night.

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