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State Department Issues A Global Travel Alert For US Citizens


The United States State Department has come out with a global travel warning for US travelers as a result of a number of terror attacks in Canada, Australia and France.

The alert was issued mere hours after the French authorities resolved the three-day series of terror attacks in and around Paris. The chilling series of attacks and incidents started on Wednesday 7th when armed assailants entered the offices of a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and opened fire, killing 12 and injuring many more.

This is the latest in the line of terrorist attacks which also include the hostage standoff in Sydney, Australia last month, as well as the killing of a soldier near the building of parliament in Ottawa, Canada last October.

This warning has come as a replacement for the Worldwide Caution one issued on October 10, 2014, also by the State Department. The warning speaks of the “continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the world.”

The warning is closely connected to the increased US-backed military actions in Syria, against ISIS and ISIL, as well as other associated terrorist groups. The main reason for the newly issued warning, however, is the latest information coming from a number of security agencies from the US and other countries which speaks of sleeper cells being activated in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia and aimed at western targets.

US travelers are particularly warned about the increasing number of kidnappings and ransom situations which have become one of the most important ways in which terrorist groups are being funded.

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