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So, What Happens To Your Lost Luggage?


Losing your luggage is traveller’s worst nightmare. How long will airlines search for lost treasures, what compensation are you due, and what happens to the unclaimed ones?

Research from SITA, the makers of the World Tracer System for baggage, found that there were 25.8 million mishandled bags in 2012 only. The last detailed consumer research suggested that courier returns 85% of bags reported as being lost within 48 hours, meaning they are ‘misdirected’ rather than lost forever.

If your bag is misdirected on the way out, the airline must/should give you money to buy replacement items, or compensate you for purchases you make to cover your losses while you wait for your bag. But they can be evasive and pass responsibility to any other airline you travelled with, or your insurance company, according to Sophie Butler, Telegraph Travel’s consumer correspondent.

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