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Selfies Rule: “Selfie Tourism” On The Rise


Hotels around the globe are now offering “selfie vacation” packages, with the purpose of snapping as many pictures as possible. This way, the hotels get their free advertising for destinations visited.

Now you can get official advice on the best locations for taking selfies, and some even offer a participation in contests where they choose the best selfies, and the winner gets to stay free of charge.

In the U.S., hotels from left to right coast have similar selfie contests and selfie travel packages. For example, the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia, is giving away more than $15,000 in prizes and vacations for guests who post selflies of their stay, and Hotel Modera in Portand, Oregon, held its selfie contest in May.

In this selfie-frenzy concept, both sides win, and now that taking selfies is earning you a free stay at various locations, snapping yourself has never been more exciting!

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