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Safety Tips To Remember When Visiting Jamaica

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This week we visit: Jamaica

To be perfectly honest, there is pretty much no threat level that would stop people from traveling to Jamaica. The beauty of the country, the good times to be had and the incredible people will always outweigh any potential risks. That being said, there is really no need to risk anything bad happening and that is why you should read the rest of this text.

There are some cities in Jamaica where some neighborhoods are much less safe than the rest, like in Kingston and Montego Bay where certain areas struggle with poverty and gang-related violence. Gang and drug-related violence are quite common in Jamaica and they often involve guns. This type of violence will rarely involve tourists, but you should still be aware of it.

For tourists, theft, pickpocketing and bag snatching are far more common occurrences, especially in crowded areas and places that are famous for large numbers of tourists. It is best to keep your belongings close and never flaunt opulence in any way. You should also be careful within the perimeters of your resort as theft has been reported there too.

Possession and use of drugs is strictly prohibited in Jamaica and you will get in serious trouble if you are caught with anything. On top of all that, cocaine, heroin and marijuana that can be obtained in Jamaica is much more potent than in the US and this can lead to serious health problems.

If you are driving in Jamaica, you need to understand that local roads can often be very unsafe, both because of the poor road system infrastructure and the fact that drunk driving and speeding are relatively common in the country.

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