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Problems with Online Travel Booking Sites


As more and more people turn to online travel portals for vacation and business travel, the conventional travel agents are quickly becoming a dying breed. Convenience and rock-bottom prices through volume and automation make booking travel needs online an attractive alternative.

According to the J.D. Power 2014 Online Travel Agency Satisfaction Report, 58 percent of those visiting online travel agencies book hotels, 52 percent make flight reservations, 33 percent purchase vacation packages and 31 percent book rental cars. This agency also reports that about 18 percent of those booking online travel arrangements experience some sort of problem. The bottom line is that booking travel needs online can come at a cost.

1. Dropped Bookings and Bad Rooms

If the online portal travel agency isn’t properly synchronized with the hotel, they may book customers rooms that aren’t available. Arriving with luggage in hand only to find out the rooms are booked is definitely an unexpected inconvenience. To avoid this possible situation, it’s best to call the hotel directly to confirm after booking a room online.

In addition, hotels do not like paying commission to online portals and are more likely to provide the worst rooms, such as ones near noise or ones that are too small. An effective way to circumvent this issue is to check the online sites for the best rooms at that hotel.

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