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Perfect Montenegro Nightclubs For Partying The Night Away

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This week we visit: Montenegro

Montenegro is slowly but steadily turning into a party destination. Their coastline is lined with all kinds of beach bars, cocktail bars and nightclubs, some of which are truly spectacular. These are the ones we are talking about today – the most amazing nightclubs you will find in the tiny country of Montenegro.

Perhaps the most incredible of all of them is found in the town of Budva which is considered the premiere nightlife town in the country. The name of the nightclub is Top Hill and, as its name suggests, it sits on top of a hill overlooking the town and the coast. It boasts a 5,000 people capacity and it is always crazy.

Another place in Budva where the club scene is very much alive is Discoteque Trocadero, the elder statesman of Montenegro’s party scene, opened in 1992 and providing its patrons with truly wild nights ever since. If you are looking for more exclusivity, then Club Sparta is the place for you in Budva.

For a more modern approach to clubbing, you can head out to the city of Bar and a nightclub by the name Illusion Glamour Club. It is frenzied, fun and there is always a party going on for you to join. The city of Tivat boasts two great nightclubs too, in My Club and Lido Mar Pool Club. In Kotor, you wll find Maximus, a ginormous 4,000 venue where dance music is the king. Every night.

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